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Conveyor Belt Pulleys


Efficiency and innovation

Conveyor belt pulleys are an essential part of any material conveying system. They are responsible for holding the belt in place and ensuring efficient transmission of the energy needed to move materials through the system. However, wear and a lack of proper maintenance of the pulleys can cause serious problems in the system, both in terms of safety and efficiency.

At PROK, we are committed to helping clients improve their environmental profile. ISO14001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to protecting the environment and our innovative design principles allow us to offer products that run quieter and consume less energy than traditional products.

The HM140 and HM150 formed rolls are an example of this. These rollers are designed to run at high speeds and low friction, which means they are more energy efficient and make less noise than traditional rollers. Plus, their wear-resistant design means they’ll last longer and require less maintenance, which also helps reduce the system’s environmental impact.


However, it is not only energy efficiency and noise that are important, but also the protection of the belt, the equipment and the environment. Problems such as belt wear or pulley slippage can cause costly system damage as well as worker safety risks. That is why it is essential to have a previous and continuous correction to guarantee optimal functionality of the system.

At PROK, we offer a wide range of conveyor belt pulleys, from rubber and steel pulleys to polyurethane coated and stainless steel pulleys. All pulleys are designed to last longer and require less maintenance, which means fewer system interruptions and less environmental damage.

In addition, our team of engineering experts is always available to help select the right pulleys for your system and to provide technical advice on proper pulley use and maintenance. We are committed to helping our customers maximize the efficiency of their material conveying systems while protecting equipment and the environment.

In short, conveyor belt pulleys are an essential part of any material conveying system, and their selection and proper maintenance are crucial to ensure safe and efficient operation. At PROK, we are committed to helping our customers improve their environmental profile by offering innovative products and offering technical advice to ensure their material conveying systems operate in a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

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