Permanent Provider

Strategic Partner

CBT maintains a current contract with all Codelco divisions for the supply of 70% of its conveyor belts. This contract includes the acquisition of CBT own-brand belts for critical and high-tension applications.

Main Achievements

CBT has installed the critical belts lines K1, K2 and M1, M2 in Chuquicamata, through the use of its CBT Belt Clamping System, with the aim of placing them with maximum safety and in the shortest possible time. Likewise, CBT evaluates the condition of these belts periodically with its CBT Belt C.A.T. Scan.

CBT has supplied RAS engineering pulleys for projects in different Codelco divisions, such as the Chuquicamata PTMP and phase III of El Diablo Regimiento – El Teniente.

CBT was in charge of the supervision and operation of the CBT Belt Clamping System, in the installation of the great 14 km overland belt that connects Radomiro Tomic with Chuquicamata.

Codelco has recently acquired 2 CBT Belt Winders to carry out its belt changing operations quickly and safely.

CBT has supplied, together with the North American manufacturer Beltwall, the high slope belts that are used in the Chuquicamata concentrator.

CBT permanently supervises the splices for Codelco, with the aim of ensuring the quality of the work carried out by third parties on its conveyor belts. In addition, CBT supplies splice kits from different manufacturers to make amendments to the Chuquicamata belts.

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