Designed for tough working conditions and extreme climates

PROK Idlers

Engineering for optimal performance

Versatility and Efficiency

PROK Conveyor Belt Idlers are an excellent choice for any material conveying system. They are designed to provide smooth rotation, low noise, long life and economy of operation. This is achieved through a careful selection of materials and a specific design for each application.

Our conveyor belt idlers are available in a wide range of types, sizes, designs and materials. This means they can be selected exactly to suit belt speed, weight and width, load properties, and the full range of expected environmental conditions. They are also built with premium bearings and highly effective labyrinth seals to ensure excellent performance in harsh conditions and extreme climates.

PROK Conveyor Idlers are designed on sound engineering principles, with special attention paid to achieving better balance at lower vibration levels. This means your material conveying system will be more stable and durable, which will translate into less downtime and lower maintenance costs.


In addition, all PROK conveyor belt idlers are designed with a careful finish, which guarantees greater resistance to wear and greater durability. This is especially important for applications involving abrasive or dusty materials.

In summary, if you are looking for high quality conveyor idlers, PROK idlers are an excellent choice. With an application-specific design, high-quality materials, and a meticulous finish, these idlers offer exceptional performance and long life. Contact us today for more information and to get a quote. We are looking forward to working with you.

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