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We are experts in material transport systems

45 years of experience in the world

We are leaders in innovation, installation and maintenance of conveyor belt systems for mining. We have 30 years of experience, directing our efforts to the study and development of our own technologies, designed to facilitate highly complex tasks with duly patented products.

Our Projects include many of the longest, most difficult and most spectacular mining conveyor belts in the world, making us experts in conveyor belt systems.

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We have been present in the world of mining for more than 45 years.

At CBTech, we are a leader in manufacturing and supplying high quality mining conveyor belts to a wide variety of industries. Our conveyor belts are strong, durable, and designed to handle heavy loads with ease.

correas transportadoras para minería

We carry a wide variety of conveyor belts, including canvas conveyor belts, rubber conveyor belts, and metal conveyor belts. Each of these types of conveyor belts is suitable for different applications and provides optimal performance under specific conditions.

In addition to our selection of conveyor belts, we also offer installation and maintenance services to ensure your equipment runs efficiently and continuously. Our team of experts is highly trained and is always available to provide technical support and answers to any questions you may have.

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