The 100 Key Hours In The Replacement Of Conveyor Belts At Minera Escondida

There are times when a photo interprets the entire effort of the CBTech Team, in this case, at Minera Escondida.

100 hours, only 100 hours counted for the team to replace the old conveyor belts with the CV236.

The team of professionals, from Peru and Chile, prepared 10 days in advance for the start, working with the emblondados, in La Negra.

Once up, the 3 platforms had to be connected to each other and then on Friday the 9th, start the replacement for 7200 meters. of Conveyor Belt.

It is exciting to see in a photo, the hard work of those who have been with a tireless effort, often away from their loved ones, and fully commit themselves so that the work has

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