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Conveyor Belts

We offer a wide range of mining conveyor belts to meet a variety of needs and requirements, from special sizes and materials to the design and manufacture of complete systems. Our conveyor belts have been used in all industrial sectors, being designed to carry heavy loads, resist wear and offer excellent resistance to corrosion. In addition, we offer a first-class technical support service to help our customers find the perfect solution for their needs.

Modular Device For Quick Installation And Disassembly

X Cat Scan

CBtech has two fundamental tools, both dynamic and static X-ray equipment that allow evaluating the health of mining conveyor belts with cable cores (Steel).
To schedule a change, splice or schedule patch (repair) to avoid damage, it is necessary to be clear about the health of the internal cables of mining conveyor belts.

Designed for difficult working conditions and extreme climates

PROK Idlers

Our mining conveyor idlers are available in a wide range of types, sizes, designs and materials. This means they can be selected exactly to suit belt speed, weight and width, load properties, and the full range of expected environmental conditions.

High slope belts for all types of minerals

Beltwall Belts

Beltwall is composed of a base belt with transversal rigidity, two cold vulcanized corrugated walls on its sides and hot vulcanized mats to the base belt.

Beltwall is the world’s most successful manufacturer of high grade belts, with experience in all types of minerals and the highest stresses to which a high grade conveyor belt can be exposed. With supplies to 5 continents Beltwall is the longest established and most reputable high grade belting company in the market.

Quieter and committed to its environmental profile

PROK Pulleys

Conveyor belt pulleys are an essential part of any material conveying system. They are responsible for holding the belt in place and ensuring efficient transmission of the energy needed to move materials through the system. However, wear and a lack of proper maintenance of the pulleys can cause serious problems in the system, both in terms of safety and efficiency.

Safety and speed in installation and uninstallation maneuvers

CBT Belt Clamping System

CBT Belt Clamping System, created by CBT to maximize safety and speed in the installation and removal of belts, which are located at height or in places with difficult access.

This system acts like a press, allowing the belt to slide in a controlled manner and with minimal air pressure.


CBT Belt Winder

The Beltwinder is a piece of equipment designed by Conveyor Belt Technology to wind conveyor belts with high torque at a controlled speed. It uses a right angle planetary style gearbox, with automatic brake, and timing belt variable speed. The force of the reel is given by a unit of pins in a drive arm, which generates a moment of torque to the shaft. This is allowed by the simple design of the drum core.

It also features an Open Coupling that allows the reel to be rotated for easy and safe removal without the use of connectors or tools when removing or replacing the reel.

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